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Have stumbled onto new (re)discoveries...!

*During the past week I've been watching on YouTube fanmade trailers of the 2015 Cinderella in Non/Disney styles. Very cool! They have reintroduced me to the interesting notion of crossover pairings, too!Read more... )

*Another discovery I made on YouTube is Grimm Reflections, a fairy tale webseries which has retold the stories of Snow White and Rapunzel. It is an excellent series. In Snow White the characters are layered, there's surprising twists, and the end...! Rapunzel is like a miniseries, short yet brilliant. Suspenseful, beautifully shot and edited, great music. I will go down as a hardcore Will/Rapunzel shipper. Great casts in both seasons. And June 1st kicks off season three: Cinderella. Bring it on!Read more... )

*So I've seen Disney's The Jungle Book twice at the movies now. I actually wasn't interested in seeing it at first. Growing up I watched the animated cartoon a lot, but it never was among my favorite Disney films. It wasn't until after the live-action movie came out and I kept hearing so many good things about it I finally decided to check it out. And...WOW. It blew me away. Favreau's The Jungle Book may now be my definitive version. Not only was it visually stunning, but had story with heart. The voice cast was all perfect. Neel Sethi made me totally believe in him as Mowgli and in his world. Shere Khan has catapulted into my top 5 Disney villains. Kudos to (terrifying) Idris Elba! I love so much the relationship between Mowgli and Bagheera. Unlike the cartoon, I felt their friendship was stronger, more of a focus point than compared to Mowgli's and Baloo's. (There is no "Papa Bear" or discussion of Baloo adopting the boy in the new film.) Instead Mowgli longs for Bagheera's approval, looking up to him very much as a father figure. And it is so touching.

The Jungle Book I think ties with Cinderella as my favorite live-action Disney film (both are head and shoulders above Maleficent). After the release of that stunning teaser trailer (the music!!!!) last week, I am looking forward to seeing what Beauty and the Beast has in store. :)
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I just stumbled over this cool blog post about Disney and Jane Austen: Wait, There's Some Disney in My Jane Austen. Had to share!!
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So...after viewing various interviews and trailers for Maleficent (this one in particular I had on replay, WOW), my writing muse took off. Silly muse!!

Curiosities and Possibilities )
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High School Musical (oddly enough)

The Cosby Show
Air Crash Investigation/Mayday


A Thousand Miles
One Day More
I Dreamed a Dream
When There Was Me and You
Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
"Amoroso" from Cinderella (Prokofiev)
Cool (West Side Story)
Dancing in the Dark (Band Wagon)

The Glass Riddle (Fairy tales + Agatha Christie = Cinderella mystery)
Bess Marvin's Guide to Not Dating Criminals (Detectives and their fatal romances)
The Two Sisters (Jadis in the beginning)


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How Much Disney Have You Seen?


Read more... )

Adding two titles that ought to be on this list in my opinion(!):
[x]DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
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I've viewed a lot of films lately and decided to share my thoughts on some of them. :)

Čarodějův učeň (Krabat) – I first heard about this 1977 Czech fairy tale film in a book, The Enchanted Screen, and eventually found it on youtube. It is an original tale about a poor boy that becomes a prisoner of the evil magician and works at his mill. The artwork/style is stunning and unique, and the music lovely. The film is quite wonderful, with understated storytelling – no subplots or big bangs so speak found in most movies – little actual dialogue, and no explicit violence that for me made Krabat all the more touching and memorable. This is now one of my favorite fairy tale films

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Way back when the ’05 Pride and Prejudice first came out, I thought as a period drama standing on it’s own two feet it was great, but was lacking as an adaptation of the book. That is pretty much how I feel about VODT. The first ten-ish minutes of the film were excellent with the reentrance of Lucy and Edmund, and the introduction of Eustace Scrubb, and then Narnia. Eustace was one of the highlights of the film for me. He was Eustace. And his friendship with Reepicheep was quite touching. It was interesting how Lucy’s jealousy of Susan and her longing to be beautiful was handled, focusing on a different aspect of it than in the book. I was so glad Aslan’s comment about being in the Pevensies’s world was included! That whole last minutes of the film was wonderful, my favorite part along with the beginning. Oh! And David Arnold’s score was magnificent.

My main problem with VODT is the premise of the voyage. When Eustace, Lucy, and Ed meet up with Caspian, he is indeed seeking the lost seven lords. But that takes a back seat when they learn about the evil mist and that it can be defeated by bringing the seven lords’ swords to Aslan’s table. I personally thought it wouldn’t be a problem to have the driving force of the book – quest for the lost lords – be the same for the movie. Yet once again, it seems the whole point of being in Narnia has to do with saving it. …From evil that is not really an evil to Narnia, just has the potential to be someday. Evil green mist! I still don’t get it. And Edmund…he pained me. It seemed sort of like he was Peter in PC, with how different he was, and not exactly for the best. *shakes head sadly*

Tangled – Such a great film. Moving and funny. Awesome story, characters, animation, and music. It was like going back to the Disney classics. Gothel I think is right up there with Ursula as my favorite villain. She was not complex, a fully drawn character. And Donna Murphy’s voice! I could listen to “Mother Knows Best Reprise” for hours. Wow. I loved how Eugene was sort of a nod to the actor Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood. There were definitely similarities between the two. A new Disney favorite.

Miss Marple: The Body in the Library (1984) – The Body in the Library was my introduction to the great Miss Marple, and made me an Agatha Christie fan. This film adaptation features Joan Hickson as Miss Marple who solves the baffling case of an unknown murdered girl discovered in the library of the Bantrys. At over two and a half hours, the mystery was flushed out well with its twists and turns building suspense and wit, and the characters were all nicely developed. Joan Hickson’s Miss Marple was splendid, who at first glance seems a bit withdrawn but has a sharp mind and brilliant wit. The supporting cast likewise turned in fine performances. The script is good, and is quite faithful to Christie’s novel. Despite knowing how it all went down, I was drawn into the suspense, and enjoyed seeing it all unfold.

Marple: The Body in the Library (2004) – Maybe if I had not watched this and the 1984 versions of The Body in the Library back-to-back I might have liked this a little bit more than I did. It is much shorter than the 1984 version, causing the mystery to be crammed and rushed, with characters never really established. While the sets and costumes were quite lovely, there was too modern a feel to the whole thing. The script was lacking despite some occasional humor. Most of the cast’s performances were strangely over the top. Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple was too cheeky and smug for my taste. This adaptation was pretty faithful to the book until the very end when suddenly the identity of the murderer was changed, and a lesbian affair was thrown in. WHY?? Also, having Miss Marple spell the whole thing out to the police before the murderer was apprehended sucked out all the suspense in the end. I think I’m going to stick to the older Miss Marple adaptations. This newer version did not cut it.
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I have a new appreciation of the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast after watching it with a friend recently. Very good. The animation was brighter and more vibrate than I remembered. Music as lovely as ever. Now I'm gone off reading fanfics and watching videos of stage productions (some very impressive) on youtube. :)
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I have a few tiny obsessions at the moment...

*Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I've been combing YouTube for this delightful musical for a few weeks now. An interesting thing I've discovered is that there seems to be two stage versions of the musical. The first one is based on the 1957 original production starring Julie Andrews. The second is based on the 1997 Brandy version. I found high school performances of both versions on YouTube; it was very fascinating seeing how the versions differed not only from each other but also from the TV productions they were based on. Rogers and Hammerstein were geniuses.

*I accidentally discovered a TV series of fairy tales that aired in Germany last year called Acht auf einen Streich (in Engllish Eight in One Go) that was put up on YouTube. The series include popular tales like Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel and less well known ones such as The Clever Peasant Girl and The Goose Girl. I've watched almost every single one and like them very much. They are all wonderful adaptations with some neat changes and touches, beautifully filmed, wonderful music, and seem to be well cast. Ones I've liked best so far have been Rumpelstiltskin, The Goose Girl, and Snow White. If only there were subtitles or I knew German... *sigh*

*I found the First Look at Toy Story 3 yesterday and can't get enough if it! Did anyone else go "AWWWWW!!!" when Andy choose to take Woody to college? (Shows what Stinky Pete knew in Toy Story 2.) Seriously, my heart melted so much. Can't wait for June 18th!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!! :)
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This afternoon I saw UP with my brother. I went in not knowing really what it was about and enjoyed it a lot. Amazing animation, wonderful characters, and brilliant storytelling. I found it different from previous Pixar films (sort of like Wall*E -- a bit melancholy and dark for a kids film. My heartstrings were tugged on a lot. Several hours after seeing UP I'm still thinking about it: how wonderful dreaming can be, yet perhaps we have to let those dreams go, not let them sidetrack us from the path God has in mind for us. And when we let dreams consume us, nothing else matters, they can destroy us, turning us into people who will do anything to fulfill that dream...

Great, great movie.
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It has been a very long time since I did one of these posts...


Lost in Austen

My Way Home by [ profile] wings4music
Summary: An alternate ending to the mini-series. Amanda finds a note, and is once again left surprised by the person who most surprised her during her accidental trip.


Got Cooties? by JealousOfTheMoon
Summary: Black, white, red, green, every color in between... Non-chronological series of short Hairspray stories, each with its own color.

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew

Exasperating by Lady Emily
Summary: Frank is truly and thoroughly exasperated by a certain girl detective. One shot, tag for tv series episode "Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom"

Frozen News and Baby Blues by pedal
Summary: Nancy visits her friends for Christmas. Frank finds himself wondering why she's decided to come all the way to New York in person. Joe may or may not be helping things along.

Chronicles of Narnia

Shades by the shadow proves the sunshine
Summary: Eustace can turn seven different shades of red, and Jill knows every one of them.

Phyllis by Dearheart
Summary: Susan could never have guessed that the nerdy kid at the train station would someday be her husband... The story of why Susan chose an ordinary man over a dashing prince.

Fairytale Island and the Frog King by MesT
Summary: Based on the book, the Dawn Treader makes a stop at a small and magical island. Caspian falls under a spell, Lucy saves him.

Six Ways to Kill a Sue by JealousOfTheMoon
Summary: We've seen what happens when a 'Sue enters the storyline of the first book...but what about the other six? Can a Mary Sue survive those?

Once a King by Elouise82
Summary: Peter's thoughts after the White Witch's temptation. Prince Caspian movieverse.

Your Duty as King by To Tuckborough I Go
Summary: Peter and Edmund teach Caspian of a certain person whose name begins with a 'Mary' and ends with a 'Sue.' Poor Caspian how will he cope?

Jane Austen

The Parsonage Attic by 4give4get
Summary: Northanger Abbey fanfic. Ever-paranoid Catherine hears noises again--this time from the Parsonage attic.

The Etiquette of Love by Mango Schmango
Summary: Emma. Mrs. Elton observes the newly married couple and realises that social etiquette and material possessions cannot compensate for love.

Something Worth My Staying For by Juliette
Summary: Persuasion. Captain Wentworth cannot suffer in silence as he observes his beloved Anne accepting the attentions of another man at the Bath concert. But when he gets up to leave, he finds that there may be something worth staying for after all.


Where I Belong by Dreaming Wide Awake
Summary: TLM. What if Ariel and Eric hadn't met in the way they originally did in the movie/musical? What if, one day, they just happened to meet up on the surface by a twist of fate? Well, let's see what happens if perhaps maybe that was the way of things.

Alluring Aurora by Blackfire 18
Summary: [Sleeping Beauty] Rose has found love on her happy birthday, but the day does not end with cake and gifts. Maleficent has found the elusive princess at last and knows just how to lure the girl to her death. What does Rose see while under the enchantment?

Peter Pan

The Mermaid Lagoon by -HSMismyworld-
Summary: Wendy and Peter venture to the mermaid lagoon, only to find that the mermaids have alot to say to Wendy. And not many nice things.
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Why on earth does Disney feel the need to give their wonderful, classic songs so many makeovers??? They come nowhere close to the original and, if the case, end credits versions!!!! ARGH!

Recently I listened/watched on youtube to Disney songs (Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, etc.) performed in new pop versions by some of the Mouse's brightest starlets. I listened to a good number of songs -- some with quite a few new renditions. About 2% of the songs were nice. The other 98% was horrible. The worst ones, IMHO, was Miley Cyus' "Part of Your World" (totally ruined it) and "Poor Unfortunate Souls" by the Jonas Brothers.

Please, please Disney, leave your songs alone!
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It was Disney all the way this weekend.

First I saw The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under back-to-back. I’ve really liked TRDU for years with its glorious animation and Bernard and Bianca are so cute and Jake is a cool…whatever. And Marahute is one amazing eagle. The whole sequence when she is flying with Cody through the clouds is one of my favorite scenes.

The Rescuers is not really liked in my family. (In my mom’s case she thinks it is because she saw TRDU first and was spoiled by it.) I always liked the opening credits, how it was just a series of stills and the song was nice. Seeing the movie again, I realized it was better than I remembered. I really like the style of the animation used for the movie. The story was very good. The characters were good. And there was a lot of chemistry between Bernard and Bianca.

Then PotC (1) set sail (I hadn’t seen it in ages). I have to see the second movie now. Johnny Depp was brilliant as Captain Jack Sparrow, pure and simple. He deserved his nom for best actor for that role. He had the coolest entrance of the characters in the movie. Norrington is way cool. Jack the monkey is so cute. And the music is pretty good.

And lastly, High School Musical closed out the weekend. I’d heard a lot (mostly good stuff) about the movie and was interested in seeing it. Well, I liked it very much. It was a story, cheesy I know but also loveable. The cast was all good; I liked all the characters. The choreography was awesome, especially in Stick to the Status Quo and Getcha Head in the Game. Despite the bad lip-syncing, some of the songs were very good. Numbers that stood out for me were: Start of Something New, Stick to the Status Quo, When there was Me and You, and Breaking Free. All inn all, it is a delightful film and landed on my fav. movie list.


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