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Have stumbled onto new (re)discoveries...!

*During the past week I've been watching on YouTube fanmade trailers of the 2015 Cinderella in Non/Disney styles. Very cool! They have reintroduced me to the interesting notion of crossover pairings, too!Read more... )

*Another discovery I made on YouTube is Grimm Reflections, a fairy tale webseries which has retold the stories of Snow White and Rapunzel. It is an excellent series. In Snow White the characters are layered, there's surprising twists, and the end...! Rapunzel is like a miniseries, short yet brilliant. Suspenseful, beautifully shot and edited, great music. I will go down as a hardcore Will/Rapunzel shipper. Great casts in both seasons. And June 1st kicks off season three: Cinderella. Bring it on!Read more... )

*So I've seen Disney's The Jungle Book twice at the movies now. I actually wasn't interested in seeing it at first. Growing up I watched the animated cartoon a lot, but it never was among my favorite Disney films. It wasn't until after the live-action movie came out and I kept hearing so many good things about it I finally decided to check it out. And...WOW. It blew me away. Favreau's The Jungle Book may now be my definitive version. Not only was it visually stunning, but had story with heart. The voice cast was all perfect. Neel Sethi made me totally believe in him as Mowgli and in his world. Shere Khan has catapulted into my top 5 Disney villains. Kudos to (terrifying) Idris Elba! I love so much the relationship between Mowgli and Bagheera. Unlike the cartoon, I felt their friendship was stronger, more of a focus point than compared to Mowgli's and Baloo's. (There is no "Papa Bear" or discussion of Baloo adopting the boy in the new film.) Instead Mowgli longs for Bagheera's approval, looking up to him very much as a father figure. And it is so touching.

The Jungle Book I think ties with Cinderella as my favorite live-action Disney film (both are head and shoulders above Maleficent). After the release of that stunning teaser trailer (the music!!!!) last week, I am looking forward to seeing what Beauty and the Beast has in store. :)
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Cinderella has caught my interest more than Into the Woods surprisingly.

First it was Prince Alcott from Mirror Mirror. Then Maleficent's Prince Phillip. And now Prince Charming. These fairy tale princes are making a habit of inspiring my writing muse!"

Read more... )
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O_o ...Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be turning in his grave!!
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Yay!!!! Finally a new trailer for Prince Caspian (here)!!!! And holy smokes... It is short, but totally made of WIN. A lot of footage I haven't seen before. Okay, I think I'm on my way to becoming a Ben Barns fan. The Pevensies look wonderful. More of the White Witch's appearance. :-/ The water god at the end!!!! WOW! And the music is amazing, especially the end where it sounds like a clock is striking the hour.

Where are you May 16th?!?!
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These parody trailers (especially TLM and Balto) are so cool!!! :D
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My brother pointed these videos out to me and... Pretty amazing and cool.

The Little Mermaid Trailer (PotC Dead Man's Chest)

Balto Trailer(PotC At World's End)
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Well, the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is finally here. And it is a most impressive trailer; better than the one for DMC, IMO. And it has given me hope for the (please let it be so!) conclusion of the trilogy.

I love Pirates 1. It has a great plot, nice special effects, a good score... and the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. I really did not think a Pirates 2 was needed. But it was okay. I felt like I was watching The Two Towers with the three storylines, and a lot of things I didn't get; nor did I care for the cliffhanger ending. The main reason I liked the second film was because of Jack -- and J/E.

Now I am looking forward to seeing the third one, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will live up to my new expectations. (I have heard that a lot of the time the middle installment of a trilogy is the weakest; so here's hoping.)

Lots of spoilers if you haven't seen the trailer!!!! )
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The Becoming Jane trailer has finally arrived. I'm going to approach this with the mindset that this is a work of fiction, despite the promotion marketing this as being fact and what inspired P&P -- false. And this must also be geared toward viewers of P&P05. Final thoughts:

Camera work is nice.

Maggie Smith is so funny.

James McAvoy is... *sigh*

Anne Hathaway looks good.

And I liked the shot of her and James secretly holding hands.


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