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fggoirut0hnhnbt50gbgkn fgj!!! So apparently a Northanger Abbey webseries is on the way. Yahoo!! Can't wait. *dances about happily*

...Now, is it possible Charles Dickens will be adapted soon?
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Dwarven affections, or; How to avoid to get caught from one for the rest of your live - When they set their minds to it to catch you, they can be surprisingly sneaky! And what is worse, they have helping cousins, meddling friends under the royals and a mean possessive streak that makes all plans on escape pointless!

After - It's easy to be brave before. It's harder to be brave after.

To Be Kings - While in Rivendell, Thorin has an unexpected encounter with an intriguing young lad named Hope. Or, more specifically, Estel.

An Unexpected Slumber Party - The Company enjoys a carefree evening in Rivendell before facing the dangers that await them on the rest of their journey. There is music, beard-grooming, lettuce-roasting and chronicle-writing. Will even Thorin Oakenshield be able to relax and enjoy himself for a while?

The Audacity of Youth - Young Kili accidentally influences Dwarf politics in the way only a sleepy toddler can.

Safe in My Arms - Bilbo's exhaustion after being rescued by the Eagles does not go unnoticed by Thorin and Company.

How to Handle Your Warg -- A Handbook by Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo Baggins goes for a night walk, gains a rather unusual pet and brings new meaning to the words 'it followed me home, can I keep it'

Wounds of Greatness - Wiser men than Frodo Baggins and Gimli, Glóin’s son, have found that greater deeds often bring the touch of darkness too.' At dawn over Minas Tirith, Frodo and Gimli talk of shadows, heroes and greatness.

Sacrifices - Set after the Fellowship losing Gandalf in the mines of Moria. Frodo's thoughts and personal demons on display.

Bilbo Baggins: Frying Pan Wielder - Bilbo Baggins was about as fightening as a baby rabbit, that was to say: not at all. Or at least, that is what Thorin Oakenshield had thought up until that night... The dwarf had worried before over how the hobbit would fare when they reached the mountain, now he wasn't sure who he should fear more for: the burglar or the dragon.

Young Thorin - A set of one-shots about Thorin as he growns into the dwarf he is now.

Flapper Boy - A reinterpretation of "Donkeyskin" set in 1920s Paris. In the Jazz Age and a time of liberation, how does the story change?

Northanger Abbey: a Short Story - A short story written for my English Literature class on Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

Codes and Signals - A coded phone call from Frank to Nancy leads both detectives to reevaluate their relationship.
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After two-ish years, the wait is coming to an end for this! WAHOO!!!!
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How I wish I lived in the UK!!!

* Mansfield Park: 18 March
* Northanger Abbey: 25 March
* Persuasion: 1 April (Also that night, there will be a documentary "Austen...Behind the Scenes," which will look at the JA series on ITV3 at 11pm.)
* Emma (1997; repeat): 8 April

And ITV1 has a Jane Austen site that has behind-the-scenes featurettes, short clips, and picture galleries of the upcoming films, as well as buddy icons and wallpapers. It is very cool. So go check it out!
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SQUEE!!!! A trailer finally! And what a beautiful trailer it is! Put together very well, and had pretty music.

Northanger Abbey looks like it will be very good. We'll get the theater scene in this version! How nice to spot Mr. and Mrs. Allen, the General, James Moreland, Eleanor Tilney, and John Thorpe. At the dance John Thorpe seems to tower over Catherine and dances uncomfortably close to her. Catherine reads James' letter out loud to Miss Tilney. Henry Tilney wears tall hats and makes a dashing figure. What a look he gave Catherine at the theater! Carey Mulligan is a very pretty Isabella and I liked the shot of her whispering secrets to Catherine. In my opinion, Felicity Jones (Catherine Morland) looks like Kate Beckinsale when she played Emma.

I'm getting more excited about Mansfield Park, thanks to the trailer. Finally! Some shots of Edmund! Yippee!!!!!! And what a fine looking fellow he is. He has a nice stare while reclining on a sofa (possibly watching Mary play her harp?). He smiles at Fanny and their hands touch. (AWWW!!!!) Even when he's upset he's handsome. Mary Crawford's harp is played. Both Bertram girls admire Henry Crawford, who is not in the least ugly. I'm still unsure about Billie but I'm starting to warm up to her more; I liked the different range of emotion I glimpsed her show.

I haven't yet read or seen any of the other adaptations of Persuasion, but it looks good and I will very likely see it.

*siggggh* Those in the UK are so lucky; just about a month to go!!
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Mansfiled Park -- L-R: Maria Bertram (Michelle Ryan), Mr.Rushworth (Rory Kinnear), Julia Bertram (Catherine Steadman), Tom Bertram (James D’Arcy), Fanny Price (Billie Piper).

Persuasion -- Captain Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) and Anne (Sally Hawkins).

Northanger Abbey -- possibly Mr. Thorpe (William Beck) making off with poor Catherine (Felicity Jones). (Insufferable man to try to deceive Catherine twice and keep her away from Mr. Tilney!! Grrrrrrr!!!!)

P.S. I got me self Northanger Abbey, and I Capture the Castle, and Northpointe Chalet, and ordered Central Park (both modern day adaptations of Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park by Debra White Smith).
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This rarely happens but when it does...! I am on the warpath, the book warpath that is. I need to get my hands on Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey NOW. I don't know which would be quicker: to place a hold on it at the library or run out and buy a copy.

No, I have not read NA before. Yes, I grabbed the BBC TV adaptation (the only one of this book) while at work last night. (Yes, I know that it is not completely faithful to the book, right now I don't care.) No, I will not be able to obey the rule "first book, then movie" this time. Yes, I've found NA fanfiction!!!!! (I love it when I can read about the story from the gentleman's point of view: A Hero's Destiny, Bingley and The Other Side of Pride and Prejudice are among my favorites.) I fear Edmund/Fanny are in danger of being edged out as my favorite Austen couple by Henry/Catherine. *laughs crazily*

And sweet Billie. Mansfield Park is next month for those in the UK. She recently was Sally Lockhart in The Ruby in Smoke on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre, and will repeat the role in The Shadow in the North, according to Fred the photographer will again be played by JJ Feild (Henry in the ITV Northanger Abbey!).


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