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*Can't believe I've worked at camp for 10 years. It does not seem that long, nor did I ever imagine I'd be allowed to do so. It has been a gift.

*Was introduced to Spotify this summer. Pretty cool.

*Was also introduced to "Duck Dynasty." Now that is an odd, funny show.

*Recently saw "The Incredibles" for the first time in years. I'd forgotten how awesome a movie it is: plot, characters, music, animation, issues/lessons. One of Pixar's best. Have been searching for fanfiction.

*Have gotten into the cooking show "Chopped" for some reason.

*"Carousel" was on TV recently. Forgot how long the dance sequences were. Still love the music and acting.

*Am definitely turning into a figure skating fan. Can't wait for the season to start, and see all the new programs. While waiting, I've been eating up the very informative The Skating Lesson podcasts.

*A lot of my summer reading centered on Jane Austen. I didn't read any of her books, but books about her. "Jane Austen for Dummies" was a favorite; I really liked learning the context in which her writing took place. I learned a lot about the times, events, customs and issues, which I think will shed more light on her writings when I reread her books. I am currently working through the Jane Austen Mystery series which are proving to be quite the delight.

*Way back in the 1990s, Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill starred in an ice show, "Cinderella...Frozen in Time." I have it on a very old VHS and used to watch a lot when I was little. To my surprise I discovered the music for the show was available on CD and was able to get a copy. The music is so lovely. It was one of my favorite things about the show.

*Dear little Ori! He can be so sweet and polite. I think I will have change my ranking of the dwarves!

*Fanfiction recs:
No Living Man (LotR)
Jack Jack vs Edna Mode (Incredibles)
Green Tea Monsters (Incredibles)
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To quote Samwise Gamgee: "Well, I'm back." I finished up at camp this past Friday afternoon. The whole week the temperature had been in the 70s with some humidity Sunday through Tuesday. The rest of the week was really cool with a lot of rain that made the creek rise for the second -- or was it the third, forth? -- time this summer; it came to about a foot from overflowing its banks.

The final week was a missions conference of over one hundred people. We girls had to move out of our nice air conditioned/heated lodge to one of the regular cabins at main camp because missionaries stay at the lodge during the last week. Besides doing housekeeping, I also worked in the kitchen for at least one meal each day. Thursday night for about six hours until 12:15 a.m., I did camp laundry. It wasn't too bad because I had a book. But I kept waking up during the night for some reason, and it was freezing that night, and a truck came to make a delivery at 4:20 in the morning.

I'm partly glad camp is done for the summer. Twelve weeks is a long time and it was a very eventful summer. On the other hand I wish it wasn't over. I love that place and the staff; I hated having to say good-bye to everyone. I wonder if they will be back next summer, if I will be back.

This week I'm working on catching up on sleep and mainly just relaxing. I've been able to watch the whole second season of The Cosby Show my brother got during the summer. It is such great fun.

I'm also finally have a chance to sit down and make some plans for the future regarding college and other things. Hopefully I'll work this year and go next year.

*sigh* I am in a Sam/Rosie mood. I need some nice, fluffy fanfiction of the cute hobbit couple. I've been searching the Net for some real good avatars of them, but am finding nothing. All I'm getting is ones of them individually. I want ones that have them together -- besides their wedding; like when they say goodnight outside the Green Dragon. *sniff* I need some pretty Sam/Rosie icons!

Don't worry, I'll be okay. I'm just adjusting to the real world again.
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I am at the halfway point of my summer; six weeks down, six weeks to go. It has been amazing at camp so far. Boys camp is finished and the first week of girls camp wrapped up this morning. It is interesting how some days feel so long but the weeks in general seem to fly by.

Housekeeping has been busy, busy, busy, but I'm had time to relax and hang out with the other support staff. And, best of all, I'm had time to read this summer! I want to say I'm gotten through about six books so far, two bios and several fiction books. (I Capture the Castle was so awesome. There was a little bit of language and it took me about 50 pages to really get into it, but in the end I fell in love with it. A wonderful, wonderful book! Thank you so much for recommending it, Leafy! *huggies* It easily made my favorite books list.) I'm currently on Mansfield Park.

Highlights of the summer (so far):

5. Winning at Spoons without getting a single letter.
4. Seeing Italy win the World Cup.
3. Going out for Chinese with the support staff.
2. Keeping camp clean when the creek overflowed its banks during the second week of boys camp.
1. Keeping camp clean the past two days, 19 hours, and 35 minutes without power and limited water.
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I shall be off for camp very soon. I just have to finish packing, and writing some thank you notes. I'm looking forward to getting back to camp and housekeeping. :)

I hope you all have a great summer. Until September!
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The graduation ceremony was quite nice and was less than two hours long. Some of the graduates perfomed musical pieces and gave speeches before the diplomas were given out.

I saw a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a very long time. It was almost like a reunion. And five of the graduates I knew from camp the last two summers which was really cool.

My tutor told me afterwards that now I can't say I'm a senior or in high school. I'm finished. I never thought of I've actually completed high school. It is hard for me to believe.

In a couple of hours Mom and I will go shopping for stuff I need for camp. Then I shall pack (and probably tomorrow when I get back from church). And I need to write and post the final chapter of "Hugs" before I leave.

My weekend keeps getting busier.
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I must secretly enjoy working under a lot of stress or something. I'm in my final week of school and I have so much work to finish! Math, art, history... Ugh. Is it summer yet?

I should start packing for camp. I take off for that two days after graduation. I need to finish Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Royal Marriage and My Story: Lord of the Dance before I go; I would rather not take any library books with me to camp.


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