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Hard to believe but the 2016-2017 figure skating season is almost halfway over! The Grand Prix series is a wrap and the Grand Prix Final's next weekend. So I thought this would be a good time to share my 10 favorite performances from the Grand Prix. :)

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Have stumbled onto new (re)discoveries...!

*During the past week I've been watching on YouTube fanmade trailers of the 2015 Cinderella in Non/Disney styles. Very cool! They have reintroduced me to the interesting notion of crossover pairings, too!Read more... )

*Another discovery I made on YouTube is Grimm Reflections, a fairy tale webseries which has retold the stories of Snow White and Rapunzel. It is an excellent series. In Snow White the characters are layered, there's surprising twists, and the end...! Rapunzel is like a miniseries, short yet brilliant. Suspenseful, beautifully shot and edited, great music. I will go down as a hardcore Will/Rapunzel shipper. Great casts in both seasons. And June 1st kicks off season three: Cinderella. Bring it on!Read more... )

*So I've seen Disney's The Jungle Book twice at the movies now. I actually wasn't interested in seeing it at first. Growing up I watched the animated cartoon a lot, but it never was among my favorite Disney films. It wasn't until after the live-action movie came out and I kept hearing so many good things about it I finally decided to check it out. And...WOW. It blew me away. Favreau's The Jungle Book may now be my definitive version. Not only was it visually stunning, but had story with heart. The voice cast was all perfect. Neel Sethi made me totally believe in him as Mowgli and in his world. Shere Khan has catapulted into my top 5 Disney villains. Kudos to (terrifying) Idris Elba! I love so much the relationship between Mowgli and Bagheera. Unlike the cartoon, I felt their friendship was stronger, more of a focus point than compared to Mowgli's and Baloo's. (There is no "Papa Bear" or discussion of Baloo adopting the boy in the new film.) Instead Mowgli longs for Bagheera's approval, looking up to him very much as a father figure. And it is so touching.

The Jungle Book I think ties with Cinderella as my favorite live-action Disney film (both are head and shoulders above Maleficent). After the release of that stunning teaser trailer (the music!!!!) last week, I am looking forward to seeing what Beauty and the Beast has in store. :)
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Today is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 175th birthday. He was my introduction to classical music and ballet, and remains one of my favorite composers.

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The US National Figure Skating Championships happened this weekend, and it was quite the competition. Here are videos of some of my favorite performances.

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This is the second year I'm following the figure skating season from start to finish. (I blame my college roommate for making me take an interest in skating as more than a once-every-four-years-Olympic-event when she turned on Skate America 2011 on the TV, and introduced me to ice dancing!) This weekend was the last of the Grand Prix Series events before the Grand Prix Final, Cup of Russia. And it was... AGRRHHHHHH! If the judging that happened there occurs at the Olympics next year, I don't think my poor nerves will be able to handle it!

So to help me forget this disappointing competition, here are some of the performances I personally enjoyed during the series. Can't wait for the final!

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*Amazing scene
*Amazing music
*Amazing movie
*Amazing Muppets
*Amazing Jim Henson
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High School Musical (oddly enough)

The Cosby Show
Air Crash Investigation/Mayday


A Thousand Miles
One Day More
I Dreamed a Dream
When There Was Me and You
Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
"Amoroso" from Cinderella (Prokofiev)
Cool (West Side Story)
Dancing in the Dark (Band Wagon)

The Glass Riddle (Fairy tales + Agatha Christie = Cinderella mystery)
Bess Marvin's Guide to Not Dating Criminals (Detectives and their fatal romances)
The Two Sisters (Jadis in the beginning)



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