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* Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary A. Kassian
*The Suspicion at Sanditon by Carrie Bebris
*White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan
*The Lightning Dreamer by Margarita Engle
*The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb
*The End of the Perfect 10 by Dvora Meyers
*The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels
*A Dance with Jane Austen by Susannah Fullerton
*Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
*The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore
*Dead Presidents by Brady Carlson
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*Can't believe I've worked at camp for 10 years. It does not seem that long, nor did I ever imagine I'd be allowed to do so. It has been a gift.

*Was introduced to Spotify this summer. Pretty cool.

*Was also introduced to "Duck Dynasty." Now that is an odd, funny show.

*Recently saw "The Incredibles" for the first time in years. I'd forgotten how awesome a movie it is: plot, characters, music, animation, issues/lessons. One of Pixar's best. Have been searching for fanfiction.

*Have gotten into the cooking show "Chopped" for some reason.

*"Carousel" was on TV recently. Forgot how long the dance sequences were. Still love the music and acting.

*Am definitely turning into a figure skating fan. Can't wait for the season to start, and see all the new programs. While waiting, I've been eating up the very informative The Skating Lesson podcasts.

*A lot of my summer reading centered on Jane Austen. I didn't read any of her books, but books about her. "Jane Austen for Dummies" was a favorite; I really liked learning the context in which her writing took place. I learned a lot about the times, events, customs and issues, which I think will shed more light on her writings when I reread her books. I am currently working through the Jane Austen Mystery series which are proving to be quite the delight.

*Way back in the 1990s, Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill starred in an ice show, "Cinderella...Frozen in Time." I have it on a very old VHS and used to watch a lot when I was little. To my surprise I discovered the music for the show was available on CD and was able to get a copy. The music is so lovely. It was one of my favorite things about the show.

*Dear little Ori! He can be so sweet and polite. I think I will have change my ranking of the dwarves!

*Fanfiction recs:
No Living Man (LotR)
Jack Jack vs Edna Mode (Incredibles)
Green Tea Monsters (Incredibles)
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Dwarven affections, or; How to avoid to get caught from one for the rest of your live - When they set their minds to it to catch you, they can be surprisingly sneaky! And what is worse, they have helping cousins, meddling friends under the royals and a mean possessive streak that makes all plans on escape pointless!

After - It's easy to be brave before. It's harder to be brave after.

To Be Kings - While in Rivendell, Thorin has an unexpected encounter with an intriguing young lad named Hope. Or, more specifically, Estel.

An Unexpected Slumber Party - The Company enjoys a carefree evening in Rivendell before facing the dangers that await them on the rest of their journey. There is music, beard-grooming, lettuce-roasting and chronicle-writing. Will even Thorin Oakenshield be able to relax and enjoy himself for a while?

The Audacity of Youth - Young Kili accidentally influences Dwarf politics in the way only a sleepy toddler can.

Safe in My Arms - Bilbo's exhaustion after being rescued by the Eagles does not go unnoticed by Thorin and Company.

How to Handle Your Warg -- A Handbook by Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo Baggins goes for a night walk, gains a rather unusual pet and brings new meaning to the words 'it followed me home, can I keep it'

Wounds of Greatness - Wiser men than Frodo Baggins and Gimli, Glóin’s son, have found that greater deeds often bring the touch of darkness too.' At dawn over Minas Tirith, Frodo and Gimli talk of shadows, heroes and greatness.

Sacrifices - Set after the Fellowship losing Gandalf in the mines of Moria. Frodo's thoughts and personal demons on display.

Bilbo Baggins: Frying Pan Wielder - Bilbo Baggins was about as fightening as a baby rabbit, that was to say: not at all. Or at least, that is what Thorin Oakenshield had thought up until that night... The dwarf had worried before over how the hobbit would fare when they reached the mountain, now he wasn't sure who he should fear more for: the burglar or the dragon.

Young Thorin - A set of one-shots about Thorin as he growns into the dwarf he is now.

Flapper Boy - A reinterpretation of "Donkeyskin" set in 1920s Paris. In the Jazz Age and a time of liberation, how does the story change?

Northanger Abbey: a Short Story - A short story written for my English Literature class on Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

Codes and Signals - A coded phone call from Frank to Nancy leads both detectives to reevaluate their relationship.
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Esther Summerson and Allan Woodcourt was the first couple of Charles Dickens' I shipped, and I've often felt they are under-appreciated. So I was extremely delighted to stumble over three fanfics dedicated to them recently! Here they are for any fellow shippers or fans of Bleak House who may be interested. :)

Survivors by Laura Schiller
Another Bouquet by Laura Schiller
Penelope's Song by Laura Schiller
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*I stumbled over the new Les Miserables trailer recently and was hooked by the beautiful music and lyrics. I finally got my hands on the international cast recording of the musical (lovely, lovely), and have the book for my summer reading. I may be on the verge of a new fandom. :)

*I think I have Olympic-anticipation syndrome. I've been watching videos of previous Olympics on youtube of gymnastics, swimming, and diving, and previous World Championships. Can't wait for the Summer Olympics!

*Just discovered the new Inspector Lewis series will be on Masterpiece in July! Don't have to wait six months...

*Have found some excellent fanfiction lately and just wanted to share them...
The Little Woman's Shadow (Little Dorrit)
A Skin Made of Sorrow (Catskin/Donkeyskin/Allerleirauh/All-Kinds-of-Fur)
The Almosts (Hunger Games)
Cinderella (Toy Story)
A Mermaid's Tale (Peter Pan)
But I'd Still Choose You (Once Upon a Time)
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...Very impressive!
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I should be reading my Intro to Librarianship textbook, but... *smiles sheepishly*

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It has been a very long time since I did one of these posts...


Lost in Austen

My Way Home by [ profile] wings4music
Summary: An alternate ending to the mini-series. Amanda finds a note, and is once again left surprised by the person who most surprised her during her accidental trip.


Got Cooties? by JealousOfTheMoon
Summary: Black, white, red, green, every color in between... Non-chronological series of short Hairspray stories, each with its own color.

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew

Exasperating by Lady Emily
Summary: Frank is truly and thoroughly exasperated by a certain girl detective. One shot, tag for tv series episode "Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom"

Frozen News and Baby Blues by pedal
Summary: Nancy visits her friends for Christmas. Frank finds himself wondering why she's decided to come all the way to New York in person. Joe may or may not be helping things along.

Chronicles of Narnia

Shades by the shadow proves the sunshine
Summary: Eustace can turn seven different shades of red, and Jill knows every one of them.

Phyllis by Dearheart
Summary: Susan could never have guessed that the nerdy kid at the train station would someday be her husband... The story of why Susan chose an ordinary man over a dashing prince.

Fairytale Island and the Frog King by MesT
Summary: Based on the book, the Dawn Treader makes a stop at a small and magical island. Caspian falls under a spell, Lucy saves him.

Six Ways to Kill a Sue by JealousOfTheMoon
Summary: We've seen what happens when a 'Sue enters the storyline of the first book...but what about the other six? Can a Mary Sue survive those?

Once a King by Elouise82
Summary: Peter's thoughts after the White Witch's temptation. Prince Caspian movieverse.

Your Duty as King by To Tuckborough I Go
Summary: Peter and Edmund teach Caspian of a certain person whose name begins with a 'Mary' and ends with a 'Sue.' Poor Caspian how will he cope?

Jane Austen

The Parsonage Attic by 4give4get
Summary: Northanger Abbey fanfic. Ever-paranoid Catherine hears noises again--this time from the Parsonage attic.

The Etiquette of Love by Mango Schmango
Summary: Emma. Mrs. Elton observes the newly married couple and realises that social etiquette and material possessions cannot compensate for love.

Something Worth My Staying For by Juliette
Summary: Persuasion. Captain Wentworth cannot suffer in silence as he observes his beloved Anne accepting the attentions of another man at the Bath concert. But when he gets up to leave, he finds that there may be something worth staying for after all.


Where I Belong by Dreaming Wide Awake
Summary: TLM. What if Ariel and Eric hadn't met in the way they originally did in the movie/musical? What if, one day, they just happened to meet up on the surface by a twist of fate? Well, let's see what happens if perhaps maybe that was the way of things.

Alluring Aurora by Blackfire 18
Summary: [Sleeping Beauty] Rose has found love on her happy birthday, but the day does not end with cake and gifts. Maleficent has found the elusive princess at last and knows just how to lure the girl to her death. What does Rose see while under the enchantment?

Peter Pan

The Mermaid Lagoon by -HSMismyworld-
Summary: Wendy and Peter venture to the mermaid lagoon, only to find that the mermaids have alot to say to Wendy. And not many nice things.


Dec. 17th, 2007 08:57 pm
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It has been a long time since I did this! :D

Music videos

Onegin (Waltz)*

Onegin (Cinderella)*

Onegin (Midnight)*

We are the Reason

Peter Pan (Learn to be Lonely)

Peter Pan (My Immortal)

Peter Pan (Kissing You)

Peter Pan (Narnian Lullaby)

Peter Pan (When She Loved Me)

Peter Pan (Lux Aeterna)

Wives and Daughters (Almost Lover)

Ever Ever After

Robin Hood (So Close)

Swan Princess (Eternity)

*Haven't seen this movie but the music by Prokofiev in them is so beautiful, and the lovely costumes and cinematography are making me very curious...



Under the Folding Branches by [ profile] kalesbohan
Summary: "Djaq came around from the surgery slowly, and found Will asleep. His head had fallen back against her hip-bone, and his cloak was over her. For a moment, the quiet and their proximity made her think they were in the forest before low shouts of pain in the distance and the burning in her stomach told her otherwise."

Early Morning Arguing by [ profile] gnimaerd
Summary: Robin encounters an age-old problem and the gang are sleepy and befuddled.

Honey by dress-without-sleeves
Summary: Djaq and Will, just looking for some honey. And yes. That is a euphemism.

Senses by Matriaya
Summary: The gang as seen through the six senses. A different sense for each gang member.

Conkers by Blackfishy
Summary: Djaq sits and thinks in the forest, when who should stumble across her, but the very person she has been thinking about...


His Painted Sketch by Macabea
Summary: 50 Moments Caught In Time. Mary plus Dickon equals fun with sentences.

It Comes with the Territory by Boho Bella
Summary: Mary cant resist many things: making Dickon work for her attention, dancing, Dickon himself. Why must being a woman mean things become more tempting? It comes with the territory.


Red Handed Jill by Smart Alex
Summary: One cold winter's night, Red Handed Jill is surrounded by pirates. 'Tell us a story,' they ask. 'Tell us about him.' [Based on the 2003 movie. Oneshot.]


Groundwork by Sonic Serendipity
Summary: The signs we saw had to come from somewhere. The foundation for Corny and Maybelle's facinating relationship get laid down and built upon.

Link a Song in the Soul by somedeepmystery
Summary: With the introduction of one Tracy Turnblad, Link is forced to reevaluate everything he thought he knew... especially about himself.

Rescue Me by somedeepmystery
Summary: Tracy goes to jail after the pageant.

Moments in Time by Yani Cardaria
Summary: Short, somewhat related drabbles featuring random events. No chronological time line.


What I've Been Missing by Oliverwoodschic
Summary: Takes place two months after the movie leaves off. Jason and Kelsi are starting to get to know each other, yet of course there are complications...

Music in Me by laviedunerose
Summary: Music and love makes the world spin. 100 songs. 100 oneshots... hopefully. Jason x Kelsi.


Worst Possible Outcome by EstellaB
Summary: Puddleglum, to his mixed pleasure and distress, finds something that he cannot possible put a Brave Face on.

Beautiful Serpent by Andi Horton
Summary: A lifetime of choices has led her to this moment. To her death. And yet, looking back, she finds she wouldn't change a thing. Ramandu's daughter remembers.

Cartographilia by Argentus
Summary: Jill and some disastrous Geography...Eustace and some peculiar biology.

Kiss and Makeup by Kyuri OMG
Summary: Eustace lets something slip and it makes Jill quite happy.

Jill's First Kiss by Kyuri OMG
Summary: Jill's first kiss is not what she expected.

Warm and Warmer by Kyuri OMG
Summary: Another Jill and Eustace Oneshot by ME! A cuddly one: literally! Set during The Silver Chair.

Why Eavsdropping Never Solves Anything by EstellaB
Summary: Experiment House is having a dance. It should be easy enough to find an escort. Just go with your best mate. Right? Er, no...
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Jane Eyre )

Pride and Prejudice )

The Secret Garden )

The Chronicles of Narnia )

Peter Pan )


Apr. 3rd, 2007 12:49 am
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This is what happens when I get bored. :)

Music videos

We’re All in This Together (Narnia cast)

Chasing Cars (Mansfield Park '83)

My Immortal (One Night with the King)

The Scientist (Wives and Daughters)

Easy as Life (Phantom of the Opera)

Flying (Peter Pan)

Crystallized Beauty (Mansfield Park)

At the Beginning (Prince of Egypt)

I Can’t Take It In (Peter Pan)



The Canon Keepers by JealousOfTheMoon
[Narnia] An inside look at the greatest enemy the MarySue industry has ever known: The Canon Keepers! For all SueWannabes, this will open your eyes as to what all MarySues are up against and cause you to question your choice in careers.

Surrender by Femmevixen13
[PotC] Taking place during the final battle scene in AWE.

Cats and Dogs by readyslavery
[Narnia] A cat or a dog? Silly arguments ensue when the Pole family decide to get a pet, with Jill and Eustace unsurprisingly not seeing eye to eye.

Without Peter by [ profile] hintofawhisper
[Peter Pan] It's been 2 years since Wendy has seen Peter. She misses him more and more with each passing day. She wonders if she'll ever see him again.

Nursery Rhymes by [ profile] indes_elfwine
[Robin Hood] Monday’s child is fair of face.

Somewhere Only We Know by [ profile] indes_elfwine
[Robin Hood] Marian begins to re-evaluate her life on the eve of her wedding.

Mistakes by [ profile] indes_elfwine
[LotR] Gimli and Eowyn’s musings on elves.

Belle by [ profile] geek_mama_2
[PotC] A scene from DMC, post Cannibal Island.

Untitled by [ profile] sight
[Robin Hood] Will is trying to figure out how to tell Djaq how he feels.

Sanctuary by [ profile] gnimaerd
[Robin Hood] Robin and the gang run for shelter, one dark and stormy night (much to Marian's chargrin).
Part 2
Part 3

The Escape Artist by [ profile] gnimaerd
[Robin Hood] Marian muses on the first time that Robin scaled the wall of Knighton hall to stand by her bedroom window.

Politics by [ profile] cularien
[LotR] King Elessar reflects on the circumstances of his marriage.
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I present a picspam of a number of my favorite OTPs. (All pictures I have gathered from various nooks and crannies in the World Wide Web.) For some of them I have also recommended fics and/or sites. Enjoy.

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