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Just got back from seeing Prince Caspian a second time, this time with my mom (who has never read the books). It was better than last time. I still really got fed up with Peter, wanted to shake him or something. Susan...still don't know about her being so willing to fight. Ed...I love him more than ever. And Lucy too. I want to squeeze those two and say "Thank you!" Caspian grew on me a lot this time; I like him very much. And Aslan, oh, great Aslan! I enjoyed the actors who played Caspian's uncle and the lord and general. Very well done.

My mom loved it. Said it was brilliant. She herself in Peter, really liked Caspian, and thought Ed and Lu were great. She almost went crazy -- in a very good way -- in several places but controlled herself as best she could cause there were other people.

It is a shame Prince Caspian hasn't done better at the box office. There seemed to have been too many blockbusters this summer. Maybe if it had come out a month or two sooner it would have done better. I'm just praying the VotDT will still go ahead...
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Today it was storming and I was reading Bleak House. “Perfect weather for a movie,” my dad said. He was going to go see Prince Caspian and both my mom and brother bowed out. My dad asked me if I wanted to come along. I didn’t feel in the movie mood, yet impulsively I decided to go. I wasn’t excited about seeing it (other turns had captured my attention lately) and I had low expectations as well as that Prince Caspian ties with the Horse and His Boyfor being my least favorite Narnia book.

Shockingly, I liked it, a lot!

More shockingly, I thought it better than the LWW!

Here are some of my unorganized, mixed thoughts.

Warning: Very long and full of spoilers!! )
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Yay!!!! Finally a new trailer for Prince Caspian (here)!!!! And holy smokes... It is short, but totally made of WIN. A lot of footage I haven't seen before. Okay, I think I'm on my way to becoming a Ben Barns fan. The Pevensies look wonderful. More of the White Witch's appearance. :-/ The water god at the end!!!! WOW! And the music is amazing, especially the end where it sounds like a clock is striking the hour.

Where are you May 16th?!?!
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I am very happy with the casting of Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin the Dwarf, Vincent Grass as Doctor Cornelius, and Warwick Davis as Nikabrik the Dwarf. All three I believe will fit their roles very well. What is even cooler is that Mr. Davis (Harry Potter, Snow White, Star Wars) is a Narnian Alumni! He played Reepicheep (Prince Caspian and the Dawn Treader) and Glimfeather (The Silver Chair) in the BBC Narnia version!
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More casting news! Prunaprismia, the wife of evil King Miraz, Caspian's uncle, is to be played by Spain's Alicia Borrachero.

She will make a beautiful queen, IMO.
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Prince Caspian has been cast!!! 25-year-old Ben Barnes landed the part.

I can't believe he is that old, though he looks younger in his picture. And he will also repeat the role in Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair.

Also, VotDT has the green light and will possibly come out a year after PC!!! Oh, I cannot wait for next May!! *runs around, beyond excited*


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