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These parody trailers (especially TLM and Balto) are so cool!!! :D
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Well, the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is finally here. And it is a most impressive trailer; better than the one for DMC, IMO. And it has given me hope for the (please let it be so!) conclusion of the trilogy.

I love Pirates 1. It has a great plot, nice special effects, a good score... and the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. I really did not think a Pirates 2 was needed. But it was okay. I felt like I was watching The Two Towers with the three storylines, and a lot of things I didn't get; nor did I care for the cliffhanger ending. The main reason I liked the second film was because of Jack -- and J/E.

Now I am looking forward to seeing the third one, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will live up to my new expectations. (I have heard that a lot of the time the middle installment of a trilogy is the weakest; so here's hoping.)

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...a Pirates of the Caribbean fic for [ profile] x_annika.

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It was Disney all the way this weekend.

First I saw The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under back-to-back. I’ve really liked TRDU for years with its glorious animation and Bernard and Bianca are so cute and Jake is a cool…whatever. And Marahute is one amazing eagle. The whole sequence when she is flying with Cody through the clouds is one of my favorite scenes.

The Rescuers is not really liked in my family. (In my mom’s case she thinks it is because she saw TRDU first and was spoiled by it.) I always liked the opening credits, how it was just a series of stills and the song was nice. Seeing the movie again, I realized it was better than I remembered. I really like the style of the animation used for the movie. The story was very good. The characters were good. And there was a lot of chemistry between Bernard and Bianca.

Then PotC (1) set sail (I hadn’t seen it in ages). I have to see the second movie now. Johnny Depp was brilliant as Captain Jack Sparrow, pure and simple. He deserved his nom for best actor for that role. He had the coolest entrance of the characters in the movie. Norrington is way cool. Jack the monkey is so cute. And the music is pretty good.

And lastly, High School Musical closed out the weekend. I’d heard a lot (mostly good stuff) about the movie and was interested in seeing it. Well, I liked it very much. It was a story, cheesy I know but also loveable. The cast was all good; I liked all the characters. The choreography was awesome, especially in Stick to the Status Quo and Getcha Head in the Game. Despite the bad lip-syncing, some of the songs were very good. Numbers that stood out for me were: Start of Something New, Stick to the Status Quo, When there was Me and You, and Breaking Free. All inn all, it is a delightful film and landed on my fav. movie list.


Jun. 2nd, 2006 06:25 pm
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For a very long time I was not excited the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie. I had enjoyed the first film very much and thought it had a satisfying ending (despite Elizabeth failing to follow Jack over the ledge). I was content and really did not think a sequel was needed. And usually a lot of sequels are not as good as the original movies.

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