Days 5 & 6

Aug. 3rd, 2012 06:25 pm
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*Great Britain has finally gone gold! Two in one day! I got kind of choked up during Helen Glover and Heather Stanning’s medal ceremony and the crowd sang with them. Beautiful.

*Whew! Danell Leyva stormed all the way back from 19th or 17th place to get the bronze in the men’s all-around behind Japan’s Kohei Uchimura and Germany’s Marcel Nguyen. Maybe that’s one of the reasons men’s gymnastics has interested me more than the women’s: it can be very surprising.

*I was so thrilled for Troy Dumais and Kristin Armstrong getting the bronze in the men’s synchro springboard diving. His 4th Olympics, and Troy finally became a medalist. :)

*I think it is so cool how this Summer Olympics seems to have had many surprise gold medalists in swimming: the 15-year-old Lithuanian girl, Americans Tyler Clary and Nathan Adrian, South Africa’s Chad le Clos.

*Water polo is so intense.

*Welcome Gabby Douglas to the Mary Lou, Carly, and Nastia club!

Day 4

Aug. 1st, 2012 06:41 pm
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*Swimming -- Phelps is now the greatest Olympian with 19 medals. Congrats to him. And a big congratulations to Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer and Ricky Berens who made in possible in that exciting 4x200m relay! Now Phelps can retire in peace. :)

*Diving -- Th Chinese continue to collect the gold. But the Mexican girls were very impressive in the synchro platform, performing some of the most difficult dives in the competition! They won Mexico's second diving medal of these games.

*Gymnastics -- The "Fab Five" did it! I think McKayla Maroney's vault was the most beautiful routine of the night. Felt sad for how the Russians and Chinese crumbled under the pressure. A big shout out to the Canadian women who made the team final for the very first time and finished 5th. Congratulations!

Days 2 & 3

Jul. 31st, 2012 03:35 pm
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*Gymnastics – Surprisingly, I’ve been more interested in the men’s competition than the women’s which is a first for me. And what a team final it was! It had joy (Great Britain winning its first team medal in 100 years!), heartbreak (USA not medaling), and controversy (Japan going from 2nd to 4th to 2nd; I wanted to hug the Ukraine team, they looked so distraught at being pushed off the podium :’( ). I just wish NBC had showed more coverage.

*Diving – I have been really enjoying the synchro competitions. The Chinese women in the springboard synchro were just gorgeous. And how happy were the Americans with getting the silver. However, things went up a notch or two in the men’s platform synchro, very likely due to Great Britain’s Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield. Quite an exciting competition with the Brits leading China for half of the final before missing a dive and finishing in 4th place. And David Boudia and Nick McCrory won bronze for USA.

*Swimming – Ryan Lochte failed to medal. Missy Franklin got her first gold medal. But the highlight for me was the men’s 100m backstroke, with the USA going 1-2. Very happy for Nick Thoman the silver medalist who nearly retired after failing to make the Olympic team in 2008.

*Whitewater canoeing – This is the only time I see this sport, and it remains terribly fascinating. It seems to require a lot of strength and control.
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How 'bout last night's opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Great Britain?! So wonderful. I think my favorite part was the segment that highlighted the incredible literature (Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins) that has come out of Britain. *sigh*
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*I stumbled over the new Les Miserables trailer recently and was hooked by the beautiful music and lyrics. I finally got my hands on the international cast recording of the musical (lovely, lovely), and have the book for my summer reading. I may be on the verge of a new fandom. :)

*I think I have Olympic-anticipation syndrome. I've been watching videos of previous Olympics on youtube of gymnastics, swimming, and diving, and previous World Championships. Can't wait for the Summer Olympics!

*Just discovered the new Inspector Lewis series will be on Masterpiece in July! Don't have to wait six months...

*Have found some excellent fanfiction lately and just wanted to share them...
The Little Woman's Shadow (Little Dorrit)
A Skin Made of Sorrow (Catskin/Donkeyskin/Allerleirauh/All-Kinds-of-Fur)
The Almosts (Hunger Games)
Cinderella (Toy Story)
A Mermaid's Tale (Peter Pan)
But I'd Still Choose You (Once Upon a Time)
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I followed the men's free skate last night on NBC's Olympics website with their live blog and results list. I was only reading about what was happening, yet I think I was just as -- if not more -- nervous as when I've watched the competition on TV! I was hoping so hard Evan would make it (I remember my heart broke for him at the last Olympics)... Was so glad when he was in first after his skate. Was a nervous wreck when the second to last skater was going (the one from Japan who got the bronze I think), worrying if he went ahead of Evan he might possibly finish 4th again. Didn't happen. Huge sigh of relief. Finally Plushenko. I actually left NBC's site, so anxious, and returned five minutes later to see... "Lysacek wins!" It was quiet hours so I whispered-screamed for joy, pumping my fists, chanting "yes, yes, yes!!!!!" What a night.

Just was able to watch the videos of Evan's and Yevgeny's skates. What a great job done by Evan. Yevgeny was good, not as good as in the short program; personally his skating isn't my cup of tea. I almost teared up seeing the video of Evan's reaction to winning: first stunned disbelief and then joy.


Anyone else see it?!
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Zhang and Zhang winning the silver medal in pairs figuring skating competition at the Turin Olympics was one of the most memorable highlights of the games for me. Her fall was so scary and yet it was unbelievable she went on and finished the program. Theirs was a courageous and moving performance (and wonderful choice of music). I don't think I'll forget that for a very long time.


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