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After the success of NBC's The Sound of Music - Live with Carrie Underwood last month, the network has announced the next musical live telecast will be the Broadway production of Peter Pan! Nothing regarding casting or air dates yet. First reaction: I'm sort of excited. I like the musical, and am a huge fan of Peter Pan in general (and have been wishing for a nice long miniseries of it the last two/three years) so...yeah I will be tuning in most likely!
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Did anyone catch "The Sound of Music Live" starring Carrie Underwood tonight? I'd never seen the stage version before, so it was interesting seeing how it differed from the film. Production-wise it was impressive. The children were adorable! Audra McDonald as the Mother Abbess, Christian Borle as Max, and Laura Benanti as Elsa were the standouts for me. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew for pulling this off!
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2012 was the year of Snow White (THREE versions). Could 2013 be the year of Cinderella? Disney is making a live-action version with Cate Blanchett as the stepmother. A while back I heard Amanda Seyfried was rumored to play Cinderella in a film; don't know if that one was Disney's or not.

My wish is for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (making its Broadway debut next year) to be filmed and shown on TV in the tradition of the Julie, Lesley Ann, and Brandy versions. I want to see how much the story differs from the others. Pretty please???

Did anyone catch the sneak peek during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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Have rediscovered/increased my fondness for POTO, particularly for Raoul and Raoul/Christine after stumbling over parts of the 25th Anniversary performance. Have rewatched "Wandering Child" and "Twisted Every Way" over and over and over. Why didn't the 2004 movie follow these scenes more closely? Hadley Fraser's Raoul is incredible, completely fighting for the woman he loves. Great chemistry between him and Sierra Boggess (Christine). I need to get my hands on the DVD to see the whole show.

Now I'm hunting for Raoul/Christine fanfiction and icons of the POTO 25th Anniversary!
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Is it December? When will we get a taste of "One Day More"?!
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High School Musical (oddly enough)

The Cosby Show
Air Crash Investigation/Mayday


A Thousand Miles
One Day More
I Dreamed a Dream
When There Was Me and You
Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
"Amoroso" from Cinderella (Prokofiev)
Cool (West Side Story)
Dancing in the Dark (Band Wagon)

The Glass Riddle (Fairy tales + Agatha Christie = Cinderella mystery)
Bess Marvin's Guide to Not Dating Criminals (Detectives and their fatal romances)
The Two Sisters (Jadis in the beginning)


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*I stumbled over the new Les Miserables trailer recently and was hooked by the beautiful music and lyrics. I finally got my hands on the international cast recording of the musical (lovely, lovely), and have the book for my summer reading. I may be on the verge of a new fandom. :)

*I think I have Olympic-anticipation syndrome. I've been watching videos of previous Olympics on youtube of gymnastics, swimming, and diving, and previous World Championships. Can't wait for the Summer Olympics!

*Just discovered the new Inspector Lewis series will be on Masterpiece in July! Don't have to wait six months...

*Have found some excellent fanfiction lately and just wanted to share them...
The Little Woman's Shadow (Little Dorrit)
A Skin Made of Sorrow (Catskin/Donkeyskin/Allerleirauh/All-Kinds-of-Fur)
The Almosts (Hunger Games)
Cinderella (Toy Story)
A Mermaid's Tale (Peter Pan)
But I'd Still Choose You (Once Upon a Time)
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I have a few tiny obsessions at the moment...

*Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I've been combing YouTube for this delightful musical for a few weeks now. An interesting thing I've discovered is that there seems to be two stage versions of the musical. The first one is based on the 1957 original production starring Julie Andrews. The second is based on the 1997 Brandy version. I found high school performances of both versions on YouTube; it was very fascinating seeing how the versions differed not only from each other but also from the TV productions they were based on. Rogers and Hammerstein were geniuses.

*I accidentally discovered a TV series of fairy tales that aired in Germany last year called Acht auf einen Streich (in Engllish Eight in One Go) that was put up on YouTube. The series include popular tales like Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel and less well known ones such as The Clever Peasant Girl and The Goose Girl. I've watched almost every single one and like them very much. They are all wonderful adaptations with some neat changes and touches, beautifully filmed, wonderful music, and seem to be well cast. Ones I've liked best so far have been Rumpelstiltskin, The Goose Girl, and Snow White. If only there were subtitles or I knew German... *sigh*

*I found the First Look at Toy Story 3 yesterday and can't get enough if it! Did anyone else go "AWWWWW!!!" when Andy choose to take Woody to college? (Shows what Stinky Pete knew in Toy Story 2.) Seriously, my heart melted so much. Can't wait for June 18th!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!! :)
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Just finished watching Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel starring Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones. (I know I saw it years and years ago and could recall bits and pieces of it; but I'm mainly familiar with the soundtrack.) Well, it was lovely. Gorgeous music and songs. Wonderfully filmed. Shirley as Julie I liked from her first appearance and felt for her so much. I was/am torn between liking or disliking Gordon's Billy with his violent outbursts, disrespectful attitude, and turning to robbery. Yet there was a vulnerable side to him, his "Soliloquy" about his child was very moving, and I believe he truly did love Julie. Louise's ballet was well done (as a kid I found that part boring). "If I Loved You" Reprise was so beautiful, what a voice Gordon had! His singing and Shirley's acting choked me up. Yet it was the ending, "You'll Never Walk Alone" filling the air, Billy urging his little girl to believe the words, that really got to me. "Know that I loved you," Julie's whole face shining, Billy going off with the sun and the sea behind him...I started bawling. It...the ending... I don't know the last time I cried while watching a film.

*blows nose*
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I saw Hairspray yesterday!!!! I really liked it, cute and fluffy and funny. There was some language and suggestive content and sensual dancing, but not a lot and I still enjoyable.

It was thrilling hearing the songs in the theater instead of through my poor headphones. Highlights were "Good Morning Baltimore," "I Can Hear the Bells," "Run and Tell That," "I Know Where I've Been," "Ladies' Choice," and "You Can't Stop the Beat."

The cast was all wonderful. Nikki Blonsky made an impressive debut as Tracy; she had me rooting for Tracy all the way. This was the first film of John Travolta's I've seen. He pulled off Edna very well. Only during "(You're) Timeless to Me" did I get a little weirded out by his performance. James Marsden was great as Corny. He was a scene stealer. Queen Latifah was beautiful as Maybelle. Acting and singing, she was awesome. Michelle Pfeiffer was a cool villain; she had some good comic timing and expressions. Amanda Bynes was really cute as Penny; loved her pigtails. Elijah Kelley (Seaweed) is one amazing singer. Whew! Zac Efron pleasantly surprised me. His acting was good and singing very nice. (He's come quite a way from when he sung a few lines in the first High School Musical.) He looks better with dark hair.

Now I'm a Link/Tracy (Trink) shipper. They are so cute. I just wish they'd had more scenes together.

And would you believe that I got a plot bunny for Hairspray? For once something came really quick. :)

Something's Beginning )
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I really really really want to see The Little Mermaid musical. On youtube there is a video -- just audio with pictures -- of Sierra Boggess singing "Part of Your World" at the first preview in Denver. She sounds so beautiful. I had goosebumps while listening.
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Okay, I want to see Hairspray. I watched most of the songs on youtube this weekend. They are very catchy; I really liked Good Morning Baltimore and I Can Hear the Bells. Zac Efron looks good with dark hair. Does anyone know if he did his own singing? It sounded like he did to me. I barely recognized Amanda Bynes with her blond hair. Why exactly is Edna played by a guy? It is freaky.

And I've hunted for Hairspray fanfiction even though I haven't seen the movie yet.

While You Were Sleeping, with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman (he's so cute), is now my favorite chick flick. I saw it at camp. It is one of the cleanest romantic comedies I've seen. It is such a sweet and funny movie. If you haven't seen it go and watch it!

I have finally seen North and South (at camp as well), and understand what all the fuss is about. At first I was afraid it was going to be a lot like Pride and Prejudice but soon that fear was put to rest. It was a really good story. The cinematography was well done. The cast was wonderful. The winner of the whole miniseries was the music which was beyond beautiful, especially the main theme. For some reason I never really connected with Margaret. Wives and Daughters is still my favorite miniseries, but I enjoyed North and South much more than P&P.
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According to rumor there will be a musical of The Little Mermaid coming to Broadway late in 2007. I have been excitedly waiting for this for about a year. There is not much info about it yet; however there is a demo recording of new music for the musical circulating the 'net.

I found on youtube a music video of TLM to a song from the musical, "If Only" a duet between Ariel and Eric. It is a very pretty video and wonderful song. I do not know who the singers are, but I really like their voices.

This is a little gift for [ profile] kaowyn.

Title: Growing Trust
Rating: G (K)
Pairing: Peter/Wendy
Disclaimer: Peter Pan, all characters, places, and related terms belong to J.M. Barrie.
Summary: Having been left alone soon after her very recent arrival in Neverland, Wendy dreads Peter’s absence again.

Read more... )
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Last night I saw the musical, The Lion King. I must confess the movie is not high on my list of favorite Disney films, so I was not very excited about seeing the musical. But my grandmother has seen the musical several times, once on Broadway, had taken my brother to see it earlier in the summer, and kept telling me “You have to see it.” While I was at camp she got tickets for me to see it when I got back home. So last night my dad and I went to the evening show. There were not many empty seats, which surprised me since it was a weeknight. The show started late at 7:39, instead of 7:30; but the lights finally went out.

Wow. Wow. The show was totally awesome!

The sets and costumes were so amazing and creative, and the puppets and masks…! The giraffes and elephant were cool (and the baby elephant so cute) in the Circle of Life. Pride Rock and the elephant graveyard sets were awesome. I was most impressed by the stampede scene; I wondered how they were going to be able to pull it off. But they did, in a very creative way that worked. And when Simba discovered Mufasa was dead, I got teary-eyed. In Act II, the scene when Mufasa appeared to Simba was breathtaking, full of stag magic, winning a round of applause. And Simba’s confrontation with Scar was an excellent combination of the music, sets, choreography, lights, and acting. The lighting design, choreography, and music were all wonderful. All the songs, familiar and new, were great; my favorites were Circle of Life, Be Prepared, He Lives in You, and Shadowland. The African chants were interesting.

All the actors and actresses were wonderful. I was amazed by how well the actors managed their puppets while performing. I really liked Zazu (his scene with Mufasa when he asked if Sarabi was upset about what happened at the elephant graveyard was a hoot), Rafiki (it is interesting that in the musical the part is played by a woman rather than a man), and Scar (an amazing performance; he stole the spotlight). I liked it that there was more of Simba and Nala as adults in the musical than in the movie. Their extra scenes and songs gave them more character development.

There was a lot more comedy in the musical than there is in the film. “Looks like a curtain from Target.” Pumbaa and Timon’s diversion was hilarious. A number of bits in the movie that never came across as funny to me were hysterical in the musical. For instance, when Zazu was in his cage singing, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…” I never thought it funny in the movie. But last night the whole audience cracked up during that part, myself included.

I was astonished how I connected with the characters that were mainly puppets. Even though Timon and Zazu were puppets and did not have the benefit of human expressions, the audience got their feelings from the tone of the actors’ voices and the puppets gestures. I thought that was just so cool.

The only glitch during the performance was when Pumbaa’s mike rubbed against his costume during one scene, causing static to go through the speakers whenever he spoke. And my dad and I thought the volume of the grown Simba’s mike could have been just a little louder during his songs; we could hear him, but the music almost drowned him out once or twice.

But those instances did not take away from a very enjoyable evening. The cast got a standing ovation along with whistles and wild cheering. Now I wholeheartedly agree with my grandmother: The Lion King is a brilliant show. And I would not be against seeing it again.


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