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Your main fandom of the year? NCIS: New Orleans, Grimm Reflections webseries, The Cate Morland Chronicles webseries, Northbound webseries, The Little Mermaid.
Your favorite film watched this year? The Jungle Book (2016)
Your favorite book read this year? So many!!
Your favorite album or song to listen to this year? Album: The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A New Musical; Love & Friendship; The Jungle Book (2016). Song: “Made of Stone” (HoND), “Every Time I Turn Around” (I’ll Be Home for Christmas), “Once Upon a December” (Anastasia), “Then You Look at Me,” “Luck Be a Lady” (Frank Sinatra).
Your favorite TV show of the year? Fixer Upper, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: LA.
Your favorite community of the year? Can't say I really had one.
Your best new fandom discovery of the year? NCIS: New Orleans, The Jungle Book, Tuck Everlasting.
Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Why hasn’t Disney’s The Little Mermaid been made into a live action film yet?!
Your TV boyfriend of the year? No one.
Your TV girlfriend of the year? *blinks* Er, same as above.
Your biggest squee moment of the year? Canry finally getting together at the end of The Cate Morland Chronicles webseries! (Despite knowing the story, for a time I seriously thought the ending was going to be different!) Those kisses…”Cate Morland, you deserve a happy ending”…those kisses…!
The most missed of your old fandoms? Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan...
The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? ...Maybe Star Wars?
Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year? Beauty and the Beast. Plus fingers crossed for a Persalle kiss!!
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Just got back from seeing Inside Out. Wow. I think it is Pixar's best film to date. It was so rich, emotional, surprisingly funny. And the short, Lava, was so sweet. Like a folktale.
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Finally saw The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. Similar to when I first saw The Return of the King in theatres, I have mixed feelings about the movie.

SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD. You have been warned!!

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I rate it four out of five stars. Can't wait for the extended edition.
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Cinderella has caught my interest more than Into the Woods surprisingly.

First it was Prince Alcott from Mirror Mirror. Then Maleficent's Prince Phillip. And now Prince Charming. These fairy tale princes are making a habit of inspiring my writing muse!"

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Tonight watched Aladdin in honor of Robin Williams. Has been years since I've seen it. Very good. Williams's Genie was hilarious, yet also had a softer, vulnerable side I didn't notice before. When he and Aladdin hugged and said goodbye at the end I got teary-eyed. *sigh*

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*The Hollowed Crown
*NCIS (all seasons)
*Maleficent ***1/2
*Waking Sleeping Beauty
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So...after viewing various interviews and trailers for Maleficent (this one in particular I had on replay, WOW), my writing muse took off. Silly muse!!

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Don't understand this trend of dividing the final book of a series into two movies: Allegiant, Mockingjay, Twilight, Harry Potter, does the Hobbit count?

At least Return of the King missed the boat! Who knows what Peter Jackson would have done splitting it up...

Speaking of PJ, the final Hobbit movie is being called The Battle of Five Armies instead of There and Back Again. Seems sort of odd to name it after the battle even though it will be the main event of the story. (When LOTR came out none of them was called The Battle of Helm's Deep or The Battle of Pelennor Fields.)
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Saw The Desolation of Smaug today as a late birthday present. ...And wow.

light spoilers below! )

oh boy

Oct. 1st, 2013 02:24 pm
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*Bilbo and Smaug... *thud*

*Thorin! *facepalm*

*"His name is Bilbo." Oh, Balin, thank you!

*Is PJ going to try to provide another undercooked (and more odd) triangle with Kili/Tauriel/Legolas? O_o
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Saw The Hobbit this afternoon. It was pretty good! A few scattered thoughts...

Visually stunning, as to be expected.

Shore's score was lovely, blending old familiar themes with new ones.

Martin Freeman's Bilbo grew on me as the film progressed, and by the end I liked him very much.

Wish it had been possible to get to know all the dwarfs, and see more of their relationships with one another (yes, I know that wasn't the point of the film). I liked them all.

I still am unsure what I think of Peter Jackson trying to make The Hobbit be EPIC when the book is certainly not that, and of attempting to connect it so much with the LOTR when Tolkien did not seem to think that was necessary.

The whole sequence with Gollum was brilliant. Both Andy and Martin did some fine acting. Bilbo sparing Gollum was great moment. Gollum I think came out the best of all the many CGI moments.

Surprisingly, my favorite part of the film was the eagles.
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2012 was the year of Snow White (THREE versions). Could 2013 be the year of Cinderella? Disney is making a live-action version with Cate Blanchett as the stepmother. A while back I heard Amanda Seyfried was rumored to play Cinderella in a film; don't know if that one was Disney's or not.

My wish is for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (making its Broadway debut next year) to be filmed and shown on TV in the tradition of the Julie, Lesley Ann, and Brandy versions. I want to see how much the story differs from the others. Pretty please???

Did anyone catch the sneak peek during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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*Amazing scene
*Amazing music
*Amazing movie
*Amazing Muppets
*Amazing Jim Henson
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Is it December? When will we get a taste of "One Day More"?!
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I just read the novelization of SWAH -- still haven't seen the movie, and after reading the book, my interest has diminished a lot -- and it seemed to be trying super hard Stay away if you don't like spoilers!! ) Just curious.
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How Much Disney Have You Seen?


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Adding two titles that ought to be on this list in my opinion(!):
[x]DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
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Summary: The viridian flame, a magical green power source, is located on Prince Alexander’s land. The elves protect the viridian flame and utilize it’s magical powers to hide from humans. The humans are amid of power struggle after the king’s death and Prince Alexander offers to marry the evil queen to unite their two kingdoms. That is, until Snow White returns from the convent and the mirror reports that Snow White is the fairest in the land. The evil queen sends the huntsman on a mission to kill the princess and he fails when the dragon like creatures protect her. The elves discover Snow White laying unconscious in the woods. They reluctantly nurse her back to health unaware of her status in the kingdom.

I stumbled over Grimm's Snow White (2012) a month ago. A direct to DVD release , it is a low budget film by The Asylum. And it glaringly shows at times: worst CGI I've ever seen; confusing plot; the queen's "army" is about 30 men, and the war is very low-key; the final confrontation between her and Snow felt very anti-climatic; Snow White was pretty but didn't develop much as a character. On the other hand the costumes and music were impressive, some of the outdoor locations were beautiful, and Prince Alexander had it BAD for Snow. When I first saw the trailer, it came across as something SyFy may have done in their string of re-imaginings of classic fantasies since it has dragons, magical elves, and a blond-haired Snow White (thought she could pass as an Alice); only SyFy would have made a more interesting film, I think.

Under a month a to go. Based on articles and this latest TV spot, maybe my wild hunch isn't so far off the mark...
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...Keeps on coming...

A wild thought: Could SWatH pull an Enchanted by having Snow White getting together with the Huntsman in the end?


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