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Huh. Soooooo, out of the blue my writing muse demanded I write a ficlet for Little Dorrit, a sequel to Cinderella's Shoe as a matter of fact. *blinks curiously* Now I feel like I need to go re-watch the BBC miniseries and reread the book. *wanders off*

The Prince's Partner )
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The above quote (quite brilliantly funny) comes from one of [ profile] litlover12's reviews of the recent BBC Little Dorrit miniseries. And I actually recalled it after recently finishing The Watsons by Jane Austen and completed by L. Oulton. A bit on the melodramatic side, I was bemused by Mr. Howard being the object of three ladies' affection (or at the least interest) during the course of the story: Emma (the object of HIS affection, but neither know their regard is returned until, naturally, the last five pages of the book); Miss Osbourne (the one he doesn't realize at first has her eye on him); and Lady Osbourne (of whose interest he is oblivious). ...In some ways Mr. Howard's situation made me think of Arthur and his girl troubles.

Ah, literature romances!!
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Title: Cinderella's Shoe
Rating: G (K)
Disclaimer: Little Dorrit, all characters, places, and related terms belong to Charles Dickens and BBC.
Summary: Little Dorrit. Amy tells Maggy a story the night they are homeless after visiting Mr. Clennam. 2009 BBCverse, bookverse.

...And that it had sunk quietly into her own grave, and that she and it were at rest together. )


Aug. 17th, 2009 03:51 pm
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I just discovered that Annette Crosbie who played the Fairy Godmother in The Slipper and the Rose>/i> was Mr. F's Aunt in Little Dorrit! I hadn't recognized her at first. She was hysterical, firhgtening poor Arthur. Neat. :)
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Title: In the Quiet
Rating: G (K)
Disclaimer: Little Dorrit, all characters, places, and related terms belong to Charles Dickens and BBC.
Author's Note: Written for a challenge.
Summary: Arthur, Amy, quiet longing and unspoken love... 2009 BBCverse, bookverse

Little Dorrit )
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*Final episode of Little Dorrit was amazing: secrets revealed, castles in the air crumbling, and a satisfying ending.


Four out of five stars

*Tess of the D'Urbervilles. This was my first reading of Thomas Hardy. Man, that book was depressing! It was hard to root for anyone: Tess I never really grew to care for; Angel was disappointing with how he abandoned her; and Alec I despised completely from his first appearance. The story seemed to offer no hope. And I did not understand the ending. Not as bad as Atonement, but it doesn't make my favorite books list.

Two out of five stars

*Last week I read Charlotte, Julia Barrett’s continuation of Jane Austen's Sanditon and found it very disappointing. The plot (or lack there of) was all over the place once Barrett picked up the story. She did a great deal of explaining characters’ motives and mental states instead showing them really accomplish anything.

Slight spoilers )

Two out of five stars

*I think I'm turning into a Dickens fan. Bleak House was brilliant. And Little Dorrit, which I finished today, was amazing!! I enjoyed it so so much, more than the miniseries. I understood the story better. I loved the characters more, and despised those who deserved it. Arthur and Amy were... *sigh* An excellent read.

Five out of five stars

*And to close this post: Dickensblog
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Part four of Little Dorrit wasn't quite as interesting as the previous episodes. This one focused greatly on Mr. Dorrit, causing Amy to be more in the background. No scenes with both Arthur and Amy, darn it. (Though it was so sweet seeing Arthur read Amy's letters.) Fanny was very good, and she actually grew on me some. Loved John in the brief scene he had with Mr. Dorrit. Arthur is so patient with his stubborn mother. Why was he seemingly being matched up with every lady in sight?! I'm still quite confused about Frenchman Rigaud's connection to Miss Wade and the House of Clennam.

Can't wait for the final installment to tie up all the loose ends, discover what secrets Mrs. Clennam's hiding, and (hopefully!) see Arthur realize what's been under his nose!
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I just finished watching the first three episodes of "Little Dorrit" online.

(This is one of the rare occasions where I'm watching the movie before reading the book. I put the book on hold at my library, but all three copies are out and I'm the forth one on the list... It will be a couple of weeks before I get my hands on Dickens' novel.)

Wow, wow, WOW!!!! I am totally hooked and engrossed in this miniseries. It is both suspenseful and moving. (What a chilling cliffhanger at the close of the last episode!! *shiver*) "Little Dorrit" is brilliantly filmed, and the sets, costumes, and music are all lovely. Its great cast is seemingly as large as "Bleak House"'s; it is hard at times to remember who is who, and what part they contribute to the plot(s). Some characters I love: Amy, Arthur, John, Pancks, Maggy, Frederick; and others I loath: Mr. Dorrit, Rigaud (a very creepy and scary Andy Serkis), Flintwinch, Tip, Fanny.

Clare Foy as Amy "Little" Dorrit is wonderful. She is a pretty girl, with a very expressive face. At times more was conveyed through her eyes when she was still and listening than when she spoke. Good-hearted, caring, loving, quiet, I identified with Amy very much. My heart broke for her, first, in her discovery of her secret love for Arthur being hopeless (his head was turned by a young lady), and later by her family's attitude towards her and her conduct when they became wealthy. I just wanted to hug her tightly.

Arthur Clennam is played by Matthew Macfadyen. I am liking Matthew much more here in "Little Dorrit" than I did in P&P. His is a very human, haunted character here. Determined to discover what it is his dying father wished for him and his cold mother to "put to right." I heart his concern for Amy and her family. There is a wonderful chemistry between Arthur and Amy. I hope he will soon realize how special she is.

There are several elements in "Little Dorrit" I do not like: the mild language scattered throughout; seeing Rigaud start to have his way with a woman; and the disturbing tension between two female characters in several scenes.

Overall this is another great miniseries from BBC. I'm looking forward to episode four.


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