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Hard to believe but the 2016-2017 figure skating season is almost halfway over! The Grand Prix series is a wrap and the Grand Prix Final's next weekend. So I thought this would be a good time to share my 10 favorite performances from the Grand Prix. :)

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The US National Figure Skating Championships happened this weekend, and it was quite the competition. Here are videos of some of my favorite performances.

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Skate of the competition in my books!
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Right now following the men's short program at the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Twitter. Two groups down. So can't wait to be able to view Richard Dornbush's and Jason Brown's skates. Sounds like it they totally rocked it!
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This is the second year I'm following the figure skating season from start to finish. (I blame my college roommate for making me take an interest in skating as more than a once-every-four-years-Olympic-event when she turned on Skate America 2011 on the TV, and introduced me to ice dancing!) This weekend was the last of the Grand Prix Series events before the Grand Prix Final, Cup of Russia. And it was... AGRRHHHHHH! If the judging that happened there occurs at the Olympics next year, I don't think my poor nerves will be able to handle it!

So to help me forget this disappointing competition, here are some of the performances I personally enjoyed during the series. Can't wait for the final!

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*Can't believe I've worked at camp for 10 years. It does not seem that long, nor did I ever imagine I'd be allowed to do so. It has been a gift.

*Was introduced to Spotify this summer. Pretty cool.

*Was also introduced to "Duck Dynasty." Now that is an odd, funny show.

*Recently saw "The Incredibles" for the first time in years. I'd forgotten how awesome a movie it is: plot, characters, music, animation, issues/lessons. One of Pixar's best. Have been searching for fanfiction.

*Have gotten into the cooking show "Chopped" for some reason.

*"Carousel" was on TV recently. Forgot how long the dance sequences were. Still love the music and acting.

*Am definitely turning into a figure skating fan. Can't wait for the season to start, and see all the new programs. While waiting, I've been eating up the very informative The Skating Lesson podcasts.

*A lot of my summer reading centered on Jane Austen. I didn't read any of her books, but books about her. "Jane Austen for Dummies" was a favorite; I really liked learning the context in which her writing took place. I learned a lot about the times, events, customs and issues, which I think will shed more light on her writings when I reread her books. I am currently working through the Jane Austen Mystery series which are proving to be quite the delight.

*Way back in the 1990s, Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill starred in an ice show, "Cinderella...Frozen in Time." I have it on a very old VHS and used to watch a lot when I was little. To my surprise I discovered the music for the show was available on CD and was able to get a copy. The music is so lovely. It was one of my favorite things about the show.

*Dear little Ori! He can be so sweet and polite. I think I will have change my ranking of the dwarves!

*Fanfiction recs:
No Living Man (LotR)
Jack Jack vs Edna Mode (Incredibles)
Green Tea Monsters (Incredibles)


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