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Title: I See the Light
Rating: PG (K+)
Disclaimer: Bleak House, all characters, places, and related terms are the sole property of Charles Dickens and BBC.
Summary: Chaos, gloom, peace, joy…ten Allan Woodcourt and Esther Summerson moments. No chronological order. Bookverse, 1985 BBC-verse, 2005 BBC-verse, AU.
Author’s Note: Written for the 10 Sentence Meme on Tumblr.
Dedicated: For [ profile] litlover12.

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Esther Summerson and Allan Woodcourt was the first couple of Charles Dickens' I shipped, and I've often felt they are under-appreciated. So I was extremely delighted to stumble over three fanfics dedicated to them recently! Here they are for any fellow shippers or fans of Bleak House who may be interested. :)

Survivors by Laura Schiller
Another Bouquet by Laura Schiller
Penelope's Song by Laura Schiller
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I'm listening to Dickens' Bleak House on Playaway -- the whole book is on a compact device with buttons to play, pause, go back and forward, and control volume; just plug in headphones and I'm good -- and so far am really enjoying it. I gave up on Dickens after suffering through Great Expectations, but Bleak House is much more interesting. I've decided I'm going to try to see both BBC versions -- 1985 and 2005 -- and I have already searched for music videos on youtube.

Recently I borrowed the entire third season of The Cosby Show from my library. ...Still my favorite TV show. Mr. Cosby is the man. :D

And lastly (you all are probably bored to death with this by now) I found some (more) neat music videos...

Never Alone (Peter Pan)

Requiem for a Dream (Peter Pan)

Can't Fight This Feeling (Hardy/Drew)

First Time (Robin Hood)

Have a good weekend everyone! *hugs flist*


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